Visiting the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia

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Coming over the hill one is engulfed in the splendour of one of Africa’s great sights, the Blue Nile falls in Ethiopia.

If there was a heartbeat to the Nile River then the Blue Nile Falls would certainly be it. Many tributaries contribute to the Nile, but nearby Lake Tana is the main source.

The falls are located thirty or so miles south of Tana, and dramatically fall of a precipice creating a stunning scene, with a beautiful lush African backdrop.

Getting there one takes a bumpy dirt road deep into Ethiopia’s countryside. Through villages of farmers with their livestock, and donkeys and carts rolling along, an image of times gone by.

Once at the start of the trail to get to the falls you cross over and into a small village with children saying hello and displaying their various football teams t-shirts.

Heading further up the trail and over the top of a hill you get your first glimpse of the Blue Nile making a descent over the cliff.

Hiking further along the trail you will see the local people making their way to fields with their cattle. Joining with them in a fast pace to get closer to the falls you arrive at the best viewpoint directly opposite.

The thunderous roar of the falls is spectacular, and is best in the rainy season in august when there is much more water.

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