ETT-6020: All around Ethiopia in 20 Days

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Tour Overview

Day 1

Arrive in Addis Ababa

Our driver will pick you up from the airport and take you to your Hotel. If you will be arriving either in the morning or in the afternoon we will provide complimentary city tour.
Day 2

Fly from Addis to Bahirdar

Our driver will pick you up from the airport and will take you to your Hotel After you refresh up you will head to Lake Tana which is Ethiopia’s largest lake. You will have a boat trip to the Monasteries. After lunch drive out to and visit Blue Nile falls. Overnight in Blue Nile Resort
Day 3

Bahir Dar to Gondar

After breakfast continue to Gondar. After settling in your hotel, explore the sites of Gondar, including a visit to the Royal Enclosure and the Debre Birhan Selassie church, with the most famous ceiling in Ethiopia. Overnight in AG Hotel
Day 4

Gondar to Sankabar

Drive from Gondar to Debark. Here we obtain a permit from the Park headquarters and collect our obligatory scout before continuing to Sankabar (3250m ASL) for the first overnight camp. An early start is needed as the drive from Gondar takes a 2-3 hours. The trek begins at Buytras (Simien Lodge), taking about 3 – 4 hours to walk to the Sankabar campsite is usually possible. During the walk there’s a good chance of seeing your first Gelada baboons. Overnight Camping
Day 5

Sankabar to Geech

In the morning of day 2, we will walk to Geech via the spectacular Jinbar waterfall. The trek will take approximately 5 – 7 hours. After descending down to the Jinbar Wenz (which feeds the waterfall) a short ascent remains to Geech village. A short distance beyond Geech village is the camp site. The camp site has great views of the mountains and is characterized by giant lobelia plants. The nearby Kedadit summit provides one of the best places to see the sun set. The camp site is situated at 3600m ASL.
Day 6

Geech to Ambaras to Gondar

We trek from Geech to the Imet Gogo promontory, for one of the most spectacular views in the whole mountain range. This is a great day for seeing the magnificent Lammergeier vultures. From Imet Gogo we trek back to the road near a village called Ambaras and meet the car for the drive back to Gondar. The trek will last approximately 4-5 hours.
Day 7

Fly from Gondar to Lalibela

You will visit the first group of Lalibela Churches which are located north of a small stream named Jordan River. These Churches were carved during the time of King Lalibela (1181 – 1221) and are registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Overnight Lalibela Lodge
Day 8

Visit Lalibela

After breakfast, have an excursion trip to the cave-built up church of Ne’akuto Le’ab (13th Century AD) which is famous for its wide collection of ancient crosses, manuscripts and icons. If this day is Saturday, spare some time at the interesting weekly market of Lalibela. After lunch, visit the second and third group of churches of Lalibela. Overnight Lalibela Lodge In the city of Lalibela you will see about Eleven Rock Churches organized into groups of three. 1. Biete Medhanealem 2. Biete Maryam 3. Biete Golgotha Mikael 4. Biete Maskal (House of the Cross) 5. Biete Denagel (House of Virgins) 6. Biete Giyorgis 7. Biete Amanuel 8. Biete Qeddus Merkoreos 9. Biete Abba Libanos (House of Abba Libanos) 10. Biete Gabriel-Ruphael 11. Biete Lehem (Bethlehem Hebrew: בֵּית לֶחֶם, House of Holy Bread).
Day 9

Fly from Lalibela to Axum

Upon arrival, you'll check into your hotel before venturing out to the Northern Stelae field to see the 4th century obelisks that lend the region its name. While all of the tombs excavated so far have been robbed centuries ago, more than 90% of the ancient burial sites remain unearthed! You'll then embark on a day of discovery as you explore the ruins of Dungur, better known as the Queen of Sheba's Palace, as well as the tombs of ancient figures such as King Kaleb, King Gebre Meskel, and more. You'll then proceed to St. Mary's of Zion Cathedral, fabled home of the Ark of the Covenant. Not only is this4th century church said to be home to the Biblical artifact, it is also where ancient Axum Emperors and Empresses were crowned. A visit to the archaeological museum will further enhance your knowledge of the ancient kingdom. Overnight in Brana Hotel
Day 10

Axum - Hawzien

In the morning you will drive to Hawzien and on the way you will visit Yeha temple. Then you will visit Mariam and Daniel Korkor Churches which are the most impressive architecturally. A huge, high ceiling is supported by 12 free standing pillars. Looking at the churches you could not help but wonder how the architect managed to carve so high from the ground. Overnight in Wukro Lodge
Day 11

Hawzien – Mekele

In the morning your driver will pick you up from your Hotel (You can choose the time you want to get picked up, you can inform your driver) You will visit Abuna Yemata Guh; to visit this church, one should walk for about an hour to commence a steep ascent up the side of the Gheralta massif. This steep ascent soon turn into a climb using foot holds and hand holds chipped into the sandstone rock by the passage of many hands and feet. The climb and the walk along very narrow ledges with sheer drops to the side is not one for the faint hearted. The church itself can be reached by walking out on a ledge one meter wide and with a 200 m drop to the left hand side. At the entrance there is a small cave and a wooden door built into the rock. Late afternoon drive to Mekele Overnight in Genfel Hotel
Day 12

Start Danakil tour

We start our day by driving to Erta Ale (which means smoky mountain in Afar language). Erta Ale ranks one of the most alluring and physically challenging natural attractions anywhere in Ethiopia. It is a shield volcano with a base diameter of 30 km and 1km square caldera at its summit. Erta Ale contains the world’s only permanent lava lake. It is 613 meters, with a lava lake, one of only five in the world, at the summit. It is notable for being the longest existing lava lake, present since the early years of the twentieth century. At 9 am we will drive to Dodom (at the base of Erta Ale). This is may be one of the roughest roads in the world. The 80 km distance may take about 6 hrs passing through changing landscape of solidified lava, rock, sand and occasional palm lined oasis. After passing several small hamlets scattered here and there in this deserted land, you will arrive to Dodom camping site, located about 17km from Erta Ale. Dinner will be served around 17:00 o’clock. After a short break, trek up to Erta Ale at 20:00 hours. Camels will be transporting all the camping materials and some food (sleeping materials like light mattresses and mat and water) to the rim of the volcano, where we spend the night watching the dramatic action of the boiling lava. You will spend the night on top of the mountain, at the rim of the Volcano.
Day 13

Hamed Ela

Early morning sun rise at the northern one corresponds to the main pit crater and walk 5 minutes for the southern and central pits could either corresponds to an ancient pit, or to a simple collapse structure. The main pit-crater, 200 m deep and 350 m across, is sub circular and three storied. The smaller southern pit is 65 m wide and about 100 m deep. Descend from Erta Ale around 9 am Dodom – Leave back to Dodom after an early breakfast, if possible at 07:00 o’clock. You will reach latest at 10:30 o’clock at the camp, where you will be relaxing. As soon as possible, drive to reach the mythical Lake Giulietti (or Lake Afrera)(optional may not be available during summer time), a salt water lake located more than100 meters below sea level, in one of the deepest depressions of the planet. Because of the picturesque landscape, it is interesting to visit the salt flats where the Afar people obtain the salt by evaporating the water of the lake and continue to Erbiti then proceed to Abaala/ Hamed Ela
Day 14

Danakil to Mekele

Morning tour Drive to Ragad (Asebo), the place where the localities are mining salt. Look the activity of workers breaking salts from the ground, cutting in to rectangular pieces and loading on camels. You drive ahead to Dallol and visit the difference landscape formed by volcanic activity, Dallol + Lake Assal + camel caravans. Excursion to Dallol (116 meter below sea level, one of the lowest places in the world) colorful salts mining, visit Lake Assal, follow up camel caravans (No camel caravan on July, August and early September) and walk with the Afar people. Drive back to Hamed Ela and proceed to Mekele.
Day 15

Fly from Mekele to Arba Minch via Addis Ababa

Then proceed driving to Dorze, set in the highlands above Arba Minch. The Dorze people are known for their tall beehive-like houses and their fine cotton weaving. You will visit the village and learn about the daily lives of these industrious people. Continue back to Arba Minch for overnight in Mora Height Hotel
Day 16

Boat trip on Lake Chamo

In the morning depart for a boat trip on Lake Chamo to visit the “crocodile market”, and the local hippos. After the visit, proceed to Konso (market days are Mondays and Thursdays). The Konso people are known for their wooden statues, known as wakas, which are erected in honor of dead heroes as well as their innovative agricultural terracing. You will have a brief opportunity to visit a local village and the cultural museum displaying many waka statues. Stay the night in Kenta Lodge
Day 17

Omo Valley Tour

Early in the morning depart from Konso to Turmi. On the way you will pass through the village of Weyto (market day is on Saturday), which is home to the Tsemai tribe. Continue through the Weyto Valley to Erbore, where you will have a brief visit to a local Erbore village (market day is on Saturday). Finally, proceed to Turmi, home of the Hammer tribe. At night, you can see the traditional night dancing of the Hammer tribe, known as Evangadi. Stay the night in Emerald Resorts & Lodge.
Day 18

Dassenech tribe

In the morning, take a day trip to Omorate to visit the Dassenech tribe. Here you will cross the Omo River by local boat and enter a Dassenech village. Afterwards, return to Turmi (Monday is market day). If there is the ceremony of Bull jumping, that will also be visited. Stay the night in Emerald Resorts & Lodge
Day 19

Jinka tour

Depart for Jinka, via Dimeka and Key Afar. Tuesdays and Saturdays are market days in Dimeka, which is one of the most colorful markets in the area and is visited by many tribes, including Hamer, Benna and Karo. Afterwards, continue to Jinka. Stay the night in Jinka Resort
Day 20

Flight back to Addis Ababa

In the morning, drive through the Mago National Park of a local village of the Mursi tribe. The Mursi are known for their lower lip and earlobe plates. After visiting the tribes you will be transferred to the airport and fly back to Addis

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