Trekking Tours

4 nights / 5 Days Eco Trekking Around Lalibela 

Tour Highlights 

Hike with us from one highlander village to the other on the massif of Abune Yosef conservation area, experience the way life of the highlander farmers, take part on their daily activity, enjoy the magical mountain view, observe the wildlife the massif has to offer, like the endemic and rarest Simien Wolf, Gelada Baboon, mountain Leopard, many types of birds.

Day 1 - Your guide and porter will pick you up from your hotel at 7 am. After a few minutes’ walk, you will get yourself out of the town and after 3hrs hike you will reach MERABARBU plateau. Lunch will be served there and you also will have a long break to enjoy the spectacular Jagged Lands and mountain views. The trek continues to the 2nd big escapement called AD MEHANE ALEM, after having a long break, you will continue to walk to Ad Medhane Alem Village, overnight in the village homestay  

Day 2- the breakfast will be serving in the family Hut or tukul house, they will start to hike to WEDEBIYE ABO VILLAGE. You will have lunch and a long break at Abune Yosef Eco Lodge, then hike to the Twin Zegitsand to the very highest peak points called RIM GEDEL (4284m). 

Overnight at Abune Yosef Eco Lodge

Day 3- After breakfast at Abune Yosef Eco Lodge you will start hiking from the lodge to the famous Cave church of YEMREHANE KRISTOS which 80 years pr-dated from Lalibela churches and after reaching in Yemrhane Kiristos Village around 1 pm and long break, you will have an opportunity to explore one of a Zagwe Dynasty King and Priest Yimrehane Kristos. 

Overnight in the village Homestay 

Day 4- After breakfast in the village homestay, you will start to hike to Lalibela town. 

On this trekking site, you will cross through small villages of local peoples in the plateau called DEGOSACH. If you are lucky, you may see the farming activities on the way to the field.  Around 4 pm you will reach Lalibela Town. As an optional or felt tired you can use a vehicle 4WD from Yimrehane Kristos to Lalibela town. Overnight in Lalibela Lodge.