Day Trip to the Dallol

Our Trip will depart at 4:00 am from Mekele  and will end in Mekele at 4 or 5 pm 

Daily trip Dallol Danakil depression – Day trip from Mekele to Mekele – Dallol 04:00 AM – 05:00 PM

You will set off early in the morning at 04:00 AM towards Dallol- via Berhale. You pass through a small town of Berhale where the camel caravan stops before they proceed to the northern highlands. En route you see many long camel caravans coming to the salt mine and others going out of the Danakil with their salt loaded camels.

The colorful landscapes formed by volcanic activity and iron-rich minerals that come straight from the core of our planet are like nothing you have seen before. Drive to Ragad (Asebo), the place where the localities are mining salt. Visit the activity of breaking the salt from the ground, cutting into rectangular pieces and loading on camels. You will visit the local Afar and Tigrian people who are farming salt from the dry lake. They spend all day working in the open sun at temperatures that often reach more 50 degrees Celcius (122°F). The Danakil Depression is the hottest place on earth.

Because of the hot spots under the earth change frequently, this entire area changes its appearance every couple of weeks.

In addition to the beauty of the colorful Dallol sulfur fields, you also will stop by this incredible whole in the salt crust of the lake and Potash Lake.

05:00 PM Mekele.