Payments can either be made in cash when you arrive in Ethiopia, by bank transfer. Ethio Travel and Tours can send you an electronic invoice which you can pay by debit/credit card. There is a 3% surcharge for credit card payments.

Internal Flights

Ethiopian Airlines is the only internal flight operator. If you are travelling internationally by Ethiopian Airlines then the internal flights are significantly cheaper. Ethio Travel and Tours can organise purchase of internal flights at the cheaper price if required.

If we buy the internal flight for you then we will send you the confirmation from Ethiopian Airlines and all you need to do is present it to the check in desk with your passport.

Code Sharing

If you purchase your Ethiopian Airlines international ticket through an agency or through a non-Ethiopian Airlines office the ticket may be issued using ‘code sharing’. In this case Ethiopian Airlines will not offer discounted domestic flights.

Holiday Insurance

For a comprehensive benefits package including air ambulance evacuation and treatment at best hospital in Addis Ababa and neighboring countries and consider our recommended insurance company Insure Trip Ethiopia who provide a 24 hours local number hotline staffed by a qualified physician to assist and guide policy holders. Rates are one of the lowest in the industry staring at just US$0.95 per day. View a brochure or visit the website for more information.

Visa TOURIST OR BUSINESS VISA, ETT Ethio Travel and Tours can help you obtain the necessary Ethiopian visa support documentation and process your visa in a timely manner.

Mobile SIM card –  We provide free SIM cards with mobile data packages card to ETT travelers. Prepaid mobile is widely available at shops or at any ethio SIM card retailers shops.

AIRPORT TRANSFER – ETT will meet all clients arriving at the airport regardless of arrival time.  

Arriving Tourists Mobile Phone in Ethiopia

Please be advised arriving tourists to register it at Addis Ababa airport customs windows on arrival, (MEI Number of your mobile phone should be registered) This office is located just after the x-ray machine on the way out. You need to present your passport and phone to office (for the time being) so that the customs officer can enter the IMEI number of your handset in the system and it will be immediately activated and you will be allowed to use your phone on Ethio Telecom’s network with a local SIM. Nothing to pay. You can ask the customs who stand around the baggage claim area who wears blue shirt and dark blue suit. And then they will tell you what to do.