Ethio Travel & Tours


  • To promote sustainable tourism in Ethiopia
  • To promote environmental friendly travels
  • To make sure that all members of the society around the attractions benefit from the industry
  • To play a major role in making the country one of the middle income countries by 2025


  • Dedicated to creating fun, enjoyable and relaxing experiences for our leisure clients and timely, no-nonsense travel for our business clients.
  • To offer our clients with the best travel experience they wished to have when booking the trip.
  • Improve the overall standard of the tourism industry in the country.


  • Client Commitment – Develop relationship that makes appositive difference in our client’s lives.
  • Quality Service – Provide outstanding services and deliver premium value to our clients
  • Time Focused – Provide timely responses to our clients and all services provided on time and proactive when it comes to inconveniencies.
  • Teamwork – All the team members of ETT work cooperatively together to provide quality services
  • Respect for team members – Values all team members, encourages their development and reward their performance
  • Trust - Depending on each other to do the right thing in all situations
  • A will to win – Exhibit a strong will to win in the market place and in every aspect of our business
  • Personal accountability – Each member of ETT is personally accountable for delivering quality service.